Kailash Neupane

Kailash Neupane



I Know we all want to grow, we all want to do something more than Today, So We are here. We have Purpose, which always motivate us to do more. We grow more when we devoted towards our Purpose withPassion. I am living everyday to pursue the Purpose, with Passion of Venture Development. I do because I Love to do. I love to support People to grow, grow their ventures with postive impact.

Mine, Your & Our purpose should be sustainable socio-economic development through Venture Development, Entrepreneurship & Innovation for contribution to make a better world with Peace, Prosperity & Positivism.

We may have different Vision, Different Goals, Different Perceptives, Different Mission, But We are here Today because we have same or similar Purpose. Purpose Makes us Connect. Purpose Make us Collaborate.

Thank you all for your contribution, Partnership, Trust & Collaboration. Many Miles to go together.

I believe Together We Grow & Together we can! Together We Pursue the Purpose.Thank you all for Joining us. Welcome in Our Community!