Venture Developer and Founder KAi initiative


I know we all want to grow, we all want to do something more than today. So we are here. We have a purpose, which always motivates us to do more. We grow more when we devoted to our purpose with passion. I am living every day to pursue the purpose, with a passion for Venture Development. I do because I love to do. I love to support people to grow, grow their ventures with a positive impact which can contribute to making a better world.

Mine, your & our purpose should be sustainable socio-economic development through Venture Development, entrepreneurship & innovation for contribution to make a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion & positivism.

We may have different vision, different goals, different perspectives, different mission, different interest, but we are here today because we have the same or similar purpose. Purpose makes us connect. Purpose makes us collaborate.

Thank you all for your contribution, partnership, trust and collaboration. Many miles to go together.

I believe, Together we grow and Together we can! Together we pursue the purpose. Thank you all for joining us. Welcome to our community!


Venture Development Story

Hi everyone,

Do you know most hard things is to tell about own self? When we can start to tell about own self to others, we can carry out our inner talent and purpose from the inner world to the real world.

I consider myself an experienced serial entrepreneur and Venture Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Venture Development, innovation, and management industry. Skilled in Venture Development, innovation, creative concept design, strategy and deal-making.

My Purpose of life is to contribute to achieving the purpose of KAi initiative to make the world a better place with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivism.

My story begins from the day I am here in this world. I grew up in Nepal. When I was in school days I do some ventures activities unknowingly, I participate and design development activities in school days at a small level. My best passion was to listen to people give them advice, help them as much I can. Later when I grew up, I realized, I am good at this. Before joining high school, I start my first social venture.

In the first 3 years, I start many startups with partnering with many people, mostly startups go very success and later many disputes came and we fail. But finally, I learn and realize I am good in venture development. I love the development. I love to create ideas to solve problems. I love to find new possibilities. I believe great than good. I love to help people to achieve their dreams. I love to make a better world. I became more clear about the purpose of my life. Then I decide and started AAVA GROUP,(2012) in Nepal.

I fail many times, I fall many times. Some failures were because lack of knowledge, some falls were lack of funding, Some success was not stable lack of management and sufficient resources. I decide to solve all this problem so that Impactful ideas, projects can survive and serve globally. My Venture Development journey begins here knowingly.

After some year, I worked in Nepal, I decided to carry venture development in a new way as KAi initiative with the new digital era so we can reach globally and serve globally which results in a better world.

Now it's not only my story, from now it's our responsibility to create new stories of impact, possibilities, problem-solving which can inspire the world and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development for a better world with peace, prosperity, inclusion and positivism.